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My sister recently requested me to layout a plan for her family’s first visit to US next summer, with focus on natural beauty of the country. Here is a 2 week road trip plan for visiting the Western American, including Yellowstone and the so called Grand Circle.

我的姐姐请我给她们一家四口人(以及可能其他三家人,一共十余人)明年暑假来美国度假拟定一个计划。他们大部分都是第一次来美国,除了经典的东岸一串城市,他们还想自驾游美国西部。这里分享一下我制定的一个两星期自驾计划,是从盐湖城开始,先游黄石,再南下看犹他的红石头,再去大峡谷,vegas,zion/Bryce canyon,最后从盐湖城返回。


 Day From To By Miles Drive Hours See Stay
1 Home SLC/Jackson FLY/Car 279 4.5 on the road Jackson/Teton
2 Teton Yellowstone car 100 2 Teton, Old Faithful Area Yellowstone, OF Inn
3 Yellowstone Yellowstone car 50 1 Old faithful, Grand Prism, Mammoth Yellowstone, Canyon
4 Yellowstone Yellowstone car 150 3 Canyon, Lamar, Heyden Yellowstone, Canyon
5 Yellowstone SLC car 362 6 SLC (Antelope island, capitol) SLC
6 SLC Moab car 272 4 Canyonlands NP (sunset) Moab
7 Moab Monument Valley car 156 2.5 Arches NP; MV Monument Valley
8 MV Page car 122 2 MV, Antelope Canyon, Glen Canyon Page
9 Page Grand Canyon car 133 2 Grand Cayon NP Grand Canyon
10 GC Las Vegas car 276 4 GC, Hoover Dam Las Vegas
11 Las Vegas Las Vegas car 0 0 Las Vegas, shows Las Vegas
12 Las Vegas Zion car 160 2.5 Zion NP Zion NP, or Springdale
13 Zion Bryce Canyon car 73 1 Bryce NP Bryce
14 Bryce SLC/Home Car/Fly 268 4 Utah highway